Shore Excursions


Your vacation is booked now it is time to start planning out your perfect excursions/tours while on your vacation. If you're cruising, you can select something through the cruise line directly.  These excursions provide peace of mind, since the cruise lines do guarantee that the ship will never leave port before all of its excursions have returned.  However, there are some compelling reasons why many cruisers prefer to book excursions with independent tour companies. 

When you book with an independent tour company, you are supporting a small, local business.  

Independent tour companies often offer options that the cruise line or destination/resort does not.

Independent tour companies are usually priced lower than the cruise line or destination/resort.

Independent tour companies usually explore in smaller groups than the cruise line, resulting in a more personal and comfortable experience. Also, with Independent tour companies you can book Private or Semi-private tours that can be customized to your exact wishes and expectations.

How do you know which independent tour companies are reputable and will do everything in their power to make sure that you arrive back at the ship or resort on time? The tour companies I've listed here have a proven track record of providing RELIABLE service at a REASONABLE price and best of all AMAZING tours.  If you scour the internet, which we all do, you might find less expensive independent tour companies.  But are you willing to risk being stranded at the port because you chose the cheapest tour operator and missed the ship or maybe a dinner reservation?

I personally book with the list companies below 99% of the time. They save me money and have less congested tours available and I love supporting local small businesses.