Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I use a travel agent?

Even in this day and age of online booking travel agents are a great resource for information. A Travel agent can make sure your trip meets your expectations where online can leave you hanging. Travel agents can assist you in case of unexpected problems and help you negotiate potential issues in advance.

Will I pay more if I book through an agent?

Our potential fees and support services are transparent. In many cases you will save more than you spend. We work with your budget in mind making sure you get solid value in return for any potential fees.

I have never used a travel agent, how does it work?

Although we are in an information age, the process of researching destinations can be overwhelming. From beginning to end, I work with you to design the perfect trip based on your travel style and budget. I have a simple 3 step process that begins with a consultation to get to know more about your trip and travel style. You will receive a proposal of the vacation package with details customized to your specific needs, and then the last step is for you to give me the go okay to book your trip once all the details are finalized. You will have full support throughout the entire process.

Do you book group Travel?

Yes, Please see our group travel information.

How far in advance can I book my trip?

This depends on the type of travel you are looking to book. For cruise vacations, sailing dates can be 2-3 years in advance depending on the cruise line. Airfare is 11 months (330 days) prior to travel when it releases. Most hotels/Resorts will release dates typically 12 months in advance.

Do you offer Travel protection?

Absolutely! Travel insurance is a very complex product and over 95% of our clients choose to protect their investments by selecting a policy that is right for them.  Since each trip has different terms and conditions and very client has personal coverage needs we provide individual travel insurance recommendations tailored to each client.

Is a passport needed to travel or cruise?

If you are leaving the United States, then Yes! Even Alaska itineraries from Seattle make a stop in Canada where you will need a valid passport book. If you need to apply for your first passport, please do so at least 6 months in advance. We highly recommend paying the additional fees to expedite your filing. If you already have a passport, please verify it will expire more than six months after you return home from your upcoming travels and have at least tow or more blank pages. Passport books that expire within six months of your travel date can be considered "expired" and your boarding for international air may be denied. Also, remember that children's passports are only good for five years so always double check those expiration dates.