Family/Friend Reunions- Cruise

Every year it seems families or friends spread out more making family gatherings even more important.  You  keep in touch over social media but that is no substitute for sharing memories, hugs and laughs with the most important people in your life. 

 Take the hassle out of getting everyone together by planning a family/friend reunion cruise.

The idea of organizing a family/friend reunion or any group event can seem overwhelming.  Imagine where you just play the "pied piper" and don't have to worry about who is bringing what, sounds amazing right?  A cruise could be the answer to get everyone together yet enjoy their vacation the way they want.  With Cruise ships that have a little something for everyone, I am sure that I can find one that meets all of  your wants and needs.  

Here's why you want me to help you create a "family or friend" reunion cruise:

  • I will set everything up! You just need to help get the word out to your family and friends.
  • I will create a private Facebook group at your request, so all members can chat and make plans for the upcoming cruise. You can ask me questions here also.
  • Members of your group will have the ability to conveniently pay online using my secure personal client portal or payment form any time of the day without having to wait
  • I can set up any special events that you may require (minimum number of attendees is required)
  • I can assist you in setting up any pre/post hotels, group air and transfers to/from the cruise terminal.
  • I will help you choose and book any group shore excursions you may want.
  • I will be responsible for making sure all payments are processed if full and on time.  You won't have to be the one in charge of collections.
  • Depending on the number of cabins booked, you could qualify for a Discounted* cruise!  *Applies to base cruise only, taxes, fees, etc will still be due, restrictions apply; contact for details.
  • Cruising tends to be a better value than land-based reunions.  Most food, drinks and activities are included. Everyone is able to relax and have the vacation they want with the people they want and still have the ability to have private time.
  • This is my job, I love making sure you have the time of your life stress free.

If you are ready to learn how I can help you put together a great cruise for your family or friends, please click the contact button or email

If you are ready to learn how I can help you put together a great cruise for your family, please click the contact button or email